Find missing people worldwide

Missing People

Searching for a long lost love, someone who vanished purposely or not? I can help. I search for missing people, those who have disappeared voluntarily and those who may not have. 

Biological Family

Searching for a biological family member is never an easy feat, especially a female who is married. I can search for mothers, brothers, father, and daughters worldwide.


Meet a stranger at a hotel, club or on a plane and have minimal information but want to reconnect. I can take the information you have and search for a point of contact.

Frank M. Ahearn

Global skip tracer

Frank M. Ahearn

Frank M. Ahearn has been skip tracing (locate people) for over twenty-five years and has located thousands of people from the Bronx to Bern. He has traced politicians, celebrities, Swiss financiers, murderers, high-net-worth debtors, and other types of missing people. If you need to find a missing person, Frank can help.

Frank is a skip tracer, a world-renowned privacy expert who disappears people, and a specialist in online romance scams. The author of The New York Times Bestseller: How to Disappear, The Fifteen Minute Skip Tracer, The Fifteen Minute How to Disappear and the recently released Online Dating Scams. A global speaker who been profiled in numerous worldwide magazines and spoken on over a hundred news and radio shows. 

Finding People Worldwide

Cross-Border Heirs

If you are a law firm and searching for a cross-border heir, my global tracing skills can help. 

High-Net-Worth Debtors

Locating High-Net-Debtors who have gone off the radar.

Skip Tracing Fees



After you prepay the skip trace fee, email subject info to 

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